Francophonie Festival March 18, 2016

Another success story!

Georgian Center in collaboration with Embassy of Georgia presented the Georgian culture and heritage at the Embassy of France. Hundreds of guest visited Georgian table and most learned how to pronounce khachapuri, khanjali, chokha and enjoined Georgian wine and fabulous atmosphere.
The annual Francophonie Cultural Festival spotlights the music, art, literature, film, cuisine, and customs of French-speaking countries and regions from across the globe, and its closing celebration is always magnifique. Although Georgians are not a French speaking nation we are friends with every friendly nation and this is especially true about France with whom we share culture, history and wine making traditions. 

Our team really worked hard to make this evening most enjoyable and memorable both for guest and for our organization.  And of course we could not have done it without our sponsors:

 Embassy of Georgia provided great Georgian wine and logistical support


 Georgian Feast provided DC's favorite Georgian food khachapuri


My Mom’s Cookbook provided Georgian Bazhe and tea for the guests to sample 



Special thanks goes to Giorgi Shermazanashvili for providing beautiful arial video of Georgia's different regions and sites

Participating organizations and embassies include but are not limited to: Alliance Francais, Belgium, Benin, Bulgaria, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cambodia, Cameroon, Canada, Democratic Republic of Congo, Egypt, France, Gabon, Georgia, Guinea, Haiti, Lebanon, Mali, Monaco, Niger, Quebec, Republic of Congo, Republique de Cote D'Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Romania, Senegal, Serbia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Togo, Tunisia, and Uruguay


Below are some photos from the event


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IMG 3260 IMG 3286 IMG 7927
IMG 7933 IMG 7901 3393685 orig
IMG 7918 IMG 7939 IMG 7945
IMG 7950 IMG 7965 IMG 7969
IMG 7978 IMG 7959 IMG 7984
IMG 7953 IMG 7981 IMG 7982
IMG 7929 IMG 7935 IMG 7930


For more photos and videos from the event please visit our facebook page at GeorgianCenter

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