Georgian Center in partnership with the Embassy of Georgia invites you to attend the Georgian Culture Night, an annual celebration of Georgian culture in Washington, DC. Join us for a fun evening of entertainment, art, and Georgian wine.

Guests will be welcomed by the Ambassador of Georgia, H.E. David Bakradze. During the following Awards Ceremony, Georgian Center's President will recognize several individuals for their outstanding contributions to the promotion of Georgian Culture abroad.

Event Program

Part I

  • Georgian Folk Music by Mamuka Gogiberidze, Gvantsa Gogiberidze and Dato Maisuradze.
  • The stand-up comedy by George Bitadze.
  • Quiz with Prizes - "Who Knows Georgia the Best"
  • Georgian Center's "Awards of the Year"
  • Georgian Dance by DC Georgian Dance Studio

Part II

  • Art Exhibition & Fundraising - by the established as well as emerging artists.
  • Networking with artists, community leaders, guests and fans.
  • Tasting of famous Georgian wines, and unique Georgian dishes like Khachapuri. Light refreshments will be provided.


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A portion of proceeds will be donated to Bebnisi School for children with special needs and rest will support the Georgian Center's mission of promoting Georgian culture in the United States.

Exhibitors: Nanuka Gogichaishvili, Tamar Mosulishvili, Levan Mosiashvili, Temur Chilaia, Gosha Dimitruk, Nino Utrugashvili, Nana Chikhladze, Ana Tkabladze

Georgian Dance: David Maisuradze,Lauren Marar, Ani Kandelaki, David Turasvhili, Gvantsa Turashvili, Thomas McEvoy Zafiropulos, Mamuka Gogiberidze, Gvanca Gogiberidze, Nino Kaviladze-Cepoi, Ketevan Migineishvili and Ana Tkabladze.




Georgian Dances DC


Georgian Center in collaboration with Embassy of Georgia will be presenting the Georgian heritage and cultural artifacts at the Embassy of France as part of Francophone festival organized by Alliance Francaise de Washington, DC.



Presented in collaboration with Francophonie DC and La Maison Française at the Embassy of France.

La Grande Fête, a closing celebration of the 2019 DC Francophonie Cultural Festival, is presented in collaboration with Francophonie DC, La Maison Française and SMITHSONIAN at 8.

Get ready for a spectacular party with a French accent. The annual Francophonie Cultural Festival spotlights the music, art, literature, film, cuisine, and customs of French-speaking countries and regions from across the globe. Its closing celebration, La Grande Fête, is always magnifique, and this year’s bash is no exception.

Beginning at 7 p.m., launch into a world tour of francophone cultures. Sample food and drink from more than 30 embassies as you explore each nation’s unique attractions and traditions.

Guinean singer/songwriter Natu Camara performs live with an energy that keeps you on your feet. Natu’s dynamic and mesmerizing voice is a fusion of soul, Afro-Rock, folk, and pop. Combined with unique and joyful stage presence, she is sure to make for a memorable addition to this year’s La Grande Fete. Les the DJ will spin music from Africa, the Caribbean, Europe, and plenty of destinations in between. Don’t miss this chance to experience the best of the French-speaking world – all without leaving home.

For security purposes, all guests names must be provided at the time of registration. When placing your order, please enter the name of each guest as it appears on their ID. Each guest must show their ID upon arrival at this event. If you wish to give your ticket away to someone else, don't worry—you can access your registration information and update the ticket holder's name and email address at any time.

For tickets and other information please visit Eventbrite


Devider line






სიხარულით გაცნობებთ რომ ამა წლის 27 ინავარიდან 19 მაისამდე ქართული ცენტრი გთავაზობთ ინგლისური ენის 14 კვირიან კურსს უფროსებისთვის. გაკვეთილები ჩატარდება კვირაში ერთხელ, კვირა დღეს 11:10 დან 12:15 საათამდე. პირველი გაკვეთილი უფასოა.

ფასი - $15 ერთი გაკვეთილი. მიიღეთ 20% ფასდაკლება თუ გადაიხდით მთლიან კურსს


რეგისტრაცია და გადახდა:

აირჩიეთ გადახდის ოფცია

რეგისტრაციის გაუქმება და მთლიანი თანხის დაბრუნება შესაძლებელი პირველი გაკვეთილის შემდეგ.


27 ინავარიდან 19 მაისამდე                                             




    North Bethesda Middle School Building, second floor
    8935 Bradmoor Dr,
    Bethesda, MD 20817




Georgian Language Classes

by Georgian Center 




The interest around Georgian culture has always been high in the DC area, but in the last couple of years, it has been increasing sharply. We have often been asked when and where people can learn Georgian.

We are proud to announce that starting September 22, 2019, the Georgian Center will be offering Georgian classes for adults. The “Beginner Course” consists of 16 classes and will be focused on teaching students the Georgian language and Georgia’s culture and traditions. Whether you plan to travel to Georgia or simply want to enhance your language skills, this course will equip you with basic communication skills and introduce you to Georgian culture, history, food and wine.

Classes will meet on Sundays from 11:10 am to 12:15 pm. This dynamic 16 week beginner course are designed to enable you to communicate in Georgian starting on day one!

We also offer introductory English classes for Georgian speakers. The classes will focus on basic conversational skills



If you already registered and need to make a payment for spring classes please click Pay Now and follow the instructions.

Note: The new student registration is currently closed for spring classes. Please contact us for summer class registration details.


From January 27 - May 19
Cost - $17 per class, 15% off if payed in full.
The first class is complementary and there will be no charge 



    North Bethesda Middle School Building, second floor
    8935 Bradmoor Dr,
    Bethesda, MD 20817




Promoting Georgian culture, education and innovation

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